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VPG  - Valley Physicians Group was established to:

  • Maintain a positive and effective voice for the optimal care of our patients as well as physician practice and professional standards.
  • Promote continuing education, professional development, and excellence in medical practice for the welfare and benefits of our patients and the community.
  • Encourage physician staff recruitment and retention by optimizing physician compensation, benefits, and working conditions.
  • Work collaboratively with Santa Clara County, all allied health professionals and stakeholders towards the mission of Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC) and related health operations.
  • Represent members of the VPG in their employment relations with the County of Santa Clara.
  • Provide quality and compassionate training of the next generation of physicians, including independent residency programs in Internal Medicine. OB/GYN, and Radiology. and collaborative training in additional subspecialties for medical students and residents at SCVMC/Stanford University affiliated programs.

VPG is one of the largest independent collective bargaining units of physicians, podiatrists, and dentists in the United States representing approximately 500 professionals employed by the County of Santa Clara, California.  VPG’s first priority is to provide the safest and highest quality clinical care and service to our patients, their families, and the community we serve at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center (SCVMC), a public, tertiary, safety net hospital, and at eight federally qualified health care centers (FQHC) throughout the County.